2009-06-28: Version 0.3.0
Added support for long channel names.
Added channel numbering script.
VCT descriptors no longer parsed multiple times.
Proper conversion to local time.
More resilient to corrupted data.
Now using proper source id values (matches the PMT).
VDR's automatic PID update will now work for ATSC channels.
Added support for multiple ATSC devices.
Fixed memory leak in VCT descriptor parsing.
Fixed segfault when "number" script was missing.
Added support for multiple audio PIDs and language codes.
2009-01-26: Version 0.2.0
Fixed: same events were added multiple times, not updated.
Fixed malformed patch.
Added new patch for VDR 1.7.2 and above.
Minor fixes for VDR 1.7.x.
Fixed setup menu.
Fixed compile error with GCC 4.3.1.
Added missing #include in structs.cpp.
Now calling cPlugin::ConfigDirectory() in thread-safe way.
Updated license information.
Added missing virtual to cATSCScanner's destructor.
2008-02-22: Version 0.1.1
Rewrote cATSCScanner::UpdateLastLine (was unnecessarily complicated).
ServiceLocationDescriptor now uses a dynamically allocated array to store streams, instead of a std::vector.
MGT tables is now an array instead of a std::vector.
Renamed most functions.
cATSCFilter::Process was too long, new functions have been introduced to process the different tables.
Fixed spelling in cATSCScanner.
Tables, Channels, Streams and Events are now always passed by reference.
2007-12-28: Version 0.1.0
Added ATSC channel scanner.
Renamed source files.
Fixed types for 64 bit systems.
cATSCFilter is now a singleton.
cATSCFilter is now properly detached when object is destroyed.
Version numbers of MGTs are now stored, to prevent unnecessary updating.
Replaced DEBUG_MSG with the more flexible dprint.
Now displaying channel frequency in displayChannelInfo.
Better EIT/ETT handling, each event is only processed once.
EITs and ETTs are now only parsed when we are sure we need the data.
Cleaned-up pointer arithmetic in table parsing routines.
Code style of huffman.cpp/h is now consistent with the other files.
Always using get_u32, get_u24 and get_u16 where applicable.
Fixed CRC 32 check of PSIP tables.
Fixed a memory leak in destructor of GenreDescriptor.
2006-12-02: Version 0.0.2
Derived classes of PSIPTable can now use descriptors.
Removed dependence on DN EIT patch.
Fixed for loop in cATSCFilter::delE_T.
No longer getting EPG info when switching to the currently tuned channel.
Fixed conversion of GPS time to local time.
Added Setup menu with configurable time zone.
Fixed the function displayChannelInfo.
Better distinction between cable and terrestrial channels.
2006-08-25: Version 0.0.1
Initial revision.