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This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by:                  Alex Lasnier 

Project's homepage:

Latest version available at:

See the file COPYING for license information.

This plugin receives and displays closed captioning information found in most 
North American broadcasts. 

NACC requires a patch for VDR versions below 1.5.10. The patch can be found in 
the 'patches' directory. Use the one corresponding to your VDR version 
(The 1.4.x patch may require the -F3 option to apply cleanly).

- Check the plugin's setup menu for many usefull options.
- You might find it usefull to add the following line 
  (or something similar) to keymacros.conf
  User2   @nacc
  This way you can start the plugin with the press of a button
  (provided the start type is set to 'manual' or 'on mute')