2009-02-10: Version 0.0.3
Channels on spot beams are now properly detected.
Added option to generate complete channels.conf.
Added stream type for H.264 video.
Better modulation support (with VDR 1.7.x).
Added support for channel numbering scripts.
Added support for L/R polarizations in the sources.conf configuration file.
The PmtFilter is now being attached/detached for each transponder.
Added ConfigFile class: classes using a configuration file are now derived from ConfigFile.
Initialization of configuration parameters is now done by the NascanConfig class.
Fixes for VDR 1.7.x.
Added a "scripts" directory and a sample script used to generate a channels.conf file.
Transponder list is now properly cleared in case of timeout.
2009-01-05: Version 0.0.2
Added support for long channel names.
Channel names can now be overridden using the names.conf file.
Added support for network names.
Longer default timeouts.
Timeouts are now configurable through the plugin's setup menu.
2008-12-26: Version 0.0.1
Initial revision.