2009-03-13: Version 0.2.0
Rewrote data parsing code.
Can now detect when a new song starts.
Added visual cue when new song starts.
Removed useless "scanDelay" parameter.
Added info PID cache.
2007-10-24: Version 0.1.0
Restructured some of the classes
Removed some unnecessary string copying in cRadioInfoOsd
cRadioInfoFilter is now a singleton
Cleaned up source code
Many minor fixes and improvements
Better multithreading
Nicer handling of automatic OSD start (using multilevel OSD introduced in VDR 1.5.10)
Changed names of config variables
2007-01-15: Version 0.0.4
Cleaned up device handling
Now works with VDR 1.5.0
2006-06-29: Version 0.0.3
The plugin no longer segfaults when the channel is changed by other means than direct user input
Fixed some problems that occur when debug messages are turned off
Changed default OSD update time to 2 seconds
2006-05-23: Version 0.0.2
Updated header graphics
Main menu entry is no longer displayed
Now works on systems with multiple devices
No longer showing garbage text on last line (for some providers)
Added plugin setup menu
Fixed: on some devices the osd did not update properly
Channels with no vPID and no aPID no longer cause the plugin to crash
Removed some unnecessary NULL checks
Header text is now properly centered
2006-05-18: Version 0.0.1
Initial revision.