2008-10-29: Version 0.4.1
Fixed error in grid drawing code; 'No Info' entries were not always properly determined.
Key names are now being translated.
Added Italian translations (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
Added Spanish translations (thanks to Manuel Gomez).
Now only drawing the first line of an event name if row height is insufficient for two.
Selected event is now properly updated when the time changes.
Several minor cosmetic fixes.
Fixed prototype of function 'Darken'.
Cleaned up '#include's
Updated license information.
2008-02-24: Version 0.4.0
Rewrite of grid generating/drawing code.
New graphical tool to customise colors.
Added internationalisation support.
Added French translations.
Class cFEpg renamed cFEpgOsd and moved to new files fepgOsd.c/h.
The function toColor has been simplified, is now a macro.
Fixed memory leak that occurred when 'newTitle' was used.
Time interval between columns is now user configurable.
The number of columns is now user configurable.
The function DarkenBg can now be disabled in the plugin's menu.
Width of 'channels' column and height of 'time' row are now configurable through the display setup.
Added support for event ratings (thanks to 2D at DVBN).
Now using a modified version of cTextWrapper.
Now checking if channel change was successful before exiting.
2007-08-04: Version 0.3.1
Added support for PAL.
New graphical tool to adjust grid size and position on screen.
Text is now properly centered within cells.
New default colors.
Changed menu text 'Transparency' to the more accurate 'Opacity'.
2007-07-17: Version 0.3.0
Major rewrite.
Fixed a memory leak.
Background now gets darker before info window or dialog is opened.
No more segfault when attempting to show info for an event with no description.
Updated Makefile.
Fixed issues with setup menu.
Improved layout of setup menu.
Centering text in info window is now default behavior.
'Mute on open' is now off by default .
Behavior of page up/down slightly modified.
Channels can now be listed in ascending or descending order.
Cleaned up key processing (based on 2D's modifications).
User can now select 12h or 24h time formats.
Now drawing proper arrows instead of < and > (thanks to 2D).
Main menu entry can be hidden.
User can now jump back/forward by any number of hours.
2006-05-18: Version 0.2.1
VDR version 1.2.x no longer supported.
Updated makefile for VDR 1.4.0.
Cleaned-up source code.
Long channel names are now truncated.
Non-standard start times are no longer displayed if event has start time before time of the first cell.
2004-09-05: Version 0.2.0
Added visual cues on numerical input.
Fixed bugs associated with new features introduces in v.0.1.3.
Displays only short channel names.
2004-07-16: Version 0.1.3
Fixed the 'starting before' arrows; they didn't appear for events starting 0:30 before times[0].
Can no longer switch channels while recording: prevents crash.
The info window no longer disappears when the current time is updated.
Numerical input is no longer accepted when the info window is open.
If mute is turned off while the EPG is open, it will not be turned on when exiting.
Added ability to schedule recordings.
Added a 'confirm recording' dialog.
Fixed: When time was x:59 (or x:29) user could not scroll back to x:30 (or x:00).
Fixed the way fEPG stores and retrieves key values.
Removed any lingering DOS formatting in the source files.
2004-07-08: Version 0.1.2
Fixed an esthetic problem with the info window when the channel number is longer than 3 characters.
The function to12time no longer returns 0:xx with time input of type 00:xx (ie, 12:xx am).
The text in the info window can now be centered; setup through plugin menu.
Better handling of numerical input; no longer limited to 3 digit channel numbers.
User can now set remote timeout in setup menu.
firstTime is updated when clock goes from x:59 to x+1:00 or from x:29 to x:30.
The current time is updated even if there is no user activity.
2004-07-05: Version 0.1.1
User can now set custom colors and transparency in the plugin menu.
Default colors modified.
User can set whether or not the audio is muted when the plugin launches.
Fixed VDR 1.2.x compatibility issues.
Fix a crash when user tried to switch to a channel with 'No Info'.
Better vertical alignment in the cells with 2 rows of text.
2004-07-03: Version 0.1.0
fEPG now works with VDR 1.3.x.
Removed the prefix 'k' from the key names in the setup menu.
Reorganization of the source code.
Fixed a problem with left/right scrolling when kLeft and kRight were not set as Left and Right keys.
2004-07-01: Version 0.0.3
Added setup menu; allows user to set which keys to use.
2004-05-17: Version 0.0.2
The description text in the info window is now properly centered.
Draw seperator and box around selected event after the text, this prevents minor esthetic problems.
Events can now have both 'starting before' and 'finishing after' arrows.
Fixed a problem with the function WrapText: when a token that was too wide was split with a '-', there would be a letter missing in the second part of the word.
Checking to see if the selected event is current before switching channels (When Ok button is pressed) now works properly.
Better text alignment in the cells.
Can no longer input numerical data or exit the EPG while the info window is open.
No more warnings when compiling.
The description text in the info window is now truncated if too long to fit.
Many minor esthetic problems fixed.
Fixed a problem where the EPG would freeze(until green button was pressed) when the user attempted to get info on a cell with 'No Info'.
Program no longer crashes when user moves past the end of the channel list.
Added the start time as a prefix when the event doesn't start at :00 or :30.
2004-05-03: Version 0.0.1
Initial revision.