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This is a "plugin" for the Video Disk Recorder (VDR).

Written by:                  Alex Lasnier

Project's homepage:

Latest version available at:

See the file COPYING for license information.

fEPG is a plugin for VDR that provides a graphical way of viewing and navigating
through EPG data. 

These can be changed in the setup menu

Up ...... Move up by one channel

Down .... Move down by one channel

Left .... Move to the left by -30 minutes
          If there is numerical input: Jump back by 
          inputed number of hours

Right ... Move to the right by 30 minutes
          If there is numerical input: Jump forward by 
          inputed number of hours

Green ... Open/Close the info window; displays info about the 
          currently selected event

Red ..... Scroll up by one page

Yellow .. Scroll down by one page

Blue .... Set a timer for the currently selected event

Back .... Exit without changing the channel
          If info window is open: Closes info window

Ok ...... If a current event is selected: Changes to selected 
          channel and exit
          If a non-current event is selected: Opens the info window
          If the info window is open: Closes info window

0 to 9 .. Used for numerical input. Jumps to given 
          channel number (if valid).
          If Left (Right) is pressed while there is numerical input

Controls for the screen setup screen

Up/Down/Left/Right   Move upper left corner
2 / 8  / 4  / 6      Move lower right corner

- North American users have the option of applying the ratings 
  patch to VDR. Parental and star ratings will then be displayed 
  in fEPG's info window.
  The patch can be found in the 'patches' directory.

- PAL mode will not work on full featured cards due to lack of 
  OSD memory.

- If you are using a software output device, you might have to 
  use PAL mode even on an NTSC television.

- You might find it usefull to add the following line 
  (or something similar) to keymacros.conf
  User1   @fepg
  This way you can access fEPG with the press of a button